Bob DiPiero Remembers Robin Williams


66Kix Brooks asked me to travel with him to Afghanistan to perform on a USO Christmas tour. Robin Williams was on the bill along with Lance Armstrong, Kathleen Madigan and Louis Black. Our little variety show played for audiences as large as several thousand enlisted men and women at the big bases and as small as thirty five hard, dirty Marines at a Forward Operating Base out in the middle of the suck. Robin was always the closer and he always leveled the place.

One morning in Bahrain I came down to breakfast And saw Robin sitting by himself writing in a small blue spiral note book. He invited me over to sit down with him and hang. After black coffee and small talk about the previous nights show I asked him what he was writing. He told me he was writing notes for last nights performance. What he did right, what he could do better. Humble greatness.

Our last stop on the tour was a hospital in Germany where wounded soldiers were taken once they had been stabilized on the battlefield. What I saw I will never forget. Multiple amputations. Disfigured faces. Wrecked bodies.  Grievous wounds suffered  by men so very young.

photoKix reminded me today that Robin jumped in and carried us all. He brought laughter and lightness and a moment of grace to those broken heroes. They called him Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire. Robin amongst them, one hilarious lightning line following another. One of the youngest wounded guys said: “I don’t know who you are man but you are one funny mother fucker!”

I will never forget you my friend.
-Bob DiPiero



6 thoughts on “Bob DiPiero Remembers Robin Williams

  1. KEVIN HAYMES says:


  2. Good stuff Bob! The world is a little less funny today. God bless you Robin and thanks for the Thousands of laughs you gave me!

  3. Mlyndia says:

    I just sat for an hour and a half watching Inside The Actors Studio with Robin Williams. Laughter and tears are both cleansing. I rarely envy anyone but envy such an amazing experience. I hope to see you at the beach this year!

  4. Wes Bennett says:

    Yeah… that is exactly it… well said soldier.
    Bob– thanks for sharing that. God bless
    WakinupWithWes Morn Radio Show
    W3D Marion IL

  5. Valisa Schmidley says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Bob. I have such respect for the writer’s of the world. Those who write the music, those who write the words, and those who write the funnies. You fall into that category as well, as Vince introduced me to your genius many, many years ago. There’s great humor in the everyday real life and Robin Williams found it, as do you. It’s the humor that makes life bearable.

  6. Pat Tompkins says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

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